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Thread: Body Fat Percentages (continued....)

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    Body Fat Percentages (continued....)

    I guess the other one got erased. Not entirely sure why....

    Anyway, how can a BBer's BF% be higher than a X-Country skiers?

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    Did you read my last reply?

    Remember that bf% is a percentage of total body composition.

    Because endurance atheletes are skinnier, their bones, organs, and connective tissue are a higher percentage of their total body weight.

    Thus, a bodybuilder at 6% would have a lower fat to MUSCLE ratio than a cross country skier at 5%. Make sense?
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    Anyway, how can a BBer's BF% be higher than a X-Country skiers?
    they probably don't eat sheet

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    If you mean off season bodybuilders I have no doubt that skiers have lower bf%.

    A cross-country skier trains at the same gym I train, and he has very low bf but is also pretty skinny. If you are an endurance athlete it helps if you don't need to carry a lot of extra weight with you...
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