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Thread: High Metabolism VS. Next Day Soreness

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    High Metabolism VS. Next Day Soreness

    Can a high metabolism counteract/limit the
    typical next day soreness from a workout?


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    I think that is a yes, he he he. Powerman, I rarely
    feel my workout the next morning. I believe that I'm working
    hard enough to feel something (to the point of failing and veins
    popping out of my head). I have what I believe is a pretty fired up metabolism and thought that might be contributing?
    Anyway, thanks.

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    What the metabolism have to do with it? Are you just saying that you are able to eat a ton of calories afterwards so your recovery is better because I don't see how else metabolism would help.

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    I don't think that there is a direct correlation there, at least not one that has been studied and proven.

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    Chris, thanks. Over the last couple of days, I've cut
    down on my time in between sets and exercises and
    that seems to be making me feel my workouts a little
    more. Thanks for the comments.


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