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Thread: I Need to make a sumo suit.

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    I Need to make a sumo suit.

    I'm competing in this comedy/talent show called "Mr. NKC," (north Kansas city is our high school). Its like a pageant - 8 seniors compete in 6 different categories and the winner is declared by a panel of judges. The categories are as follows: swim suit competition, talent, karaoke, formal wear, and club costume. Each senior is also representing a club, which can be anything from football to chess club (one kid tried to represent the "Friends of Unified Celestial Knowledge" but the administration wouldn't let him. Figure it out ; ) Its really one big joke, each kid tries to push the "school appropriate" bar as far as possible every year.

    My club is wrestling, but instead of walking out in a singlet/headgear, like everyone is expecting, I'm dressing up as a sumo wrestler. I've already got the wig, I'm going to tape up my feet, now all I need is the diaper thing they wear. I've searched everywhere online and I can't even find a name for it. I have no idea how I'm going to make it; I've tried towels, and I can't really get the right look/stay together. I just end up looking like a baby in a diaper with a large wig.

    The club costume is the first "act," where each contestant walks out on stage, introduces himself/his club, then walks off. I'm going to walk out there, introduce my club very formally, then halfway through my speech I plan to have the street fighter music play. Then I've got the heavy weight from our wrestling team walking out on stage, also dressed in sumo, and we're going to slap each other around for awhile, probably giving each other large sumo diaper wedgies. The administration may force me to wear some sort of underwear underneath in case my diaper thing falls off.

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    Sweating and grunting...where you should be.
    That. is. awesome.

    but I've no idea
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    It is called a Mawashi. I do not know where you can find one in the states but I am sure it would be pretty expensive since it is made of silk.
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    Sheets ya ****** !!

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    Buy one? pff I'm not going to spend that kind of money. But thanks for giving me the name

    Sheets... Genius! I'm not sure why I hadn't though of that.
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