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Thread: Going to try cutting without cutting carbs

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    Going to try cutting without cutting carbs

    Recently I suggested to someone eating less than 100 carbs a day on his cut that he does not need to cut his carbs so severely. I suggested that you can cut by reducing your overall calories - rather than skeletonizing one nutrient. I indicated the key to success was eating low-gi, complex carbs - basically beans and such. I also suggested a high fiber intake, or at least, the DRV.

    I was told to learn2play. Or in the case of WBB, I suppose, it's learn2eat.

    Well I promised that on my upcomming cut I would put it to the test. So now I'm gonna walk the walk and if it doesn't work I'll let you all know and you can mock me.

    Here's my plan.

    Rate: 1 lb / week
    Targetted End Date: May 31st
    Estimated Maintenance: 2800/day - 19600/wk
    Estimated Cutting Calories: 2400/day, start. 2300/day, end
    Protein: 170g, 680c
    Fats: 80g, 720c
    Carbs: 250g, 1000c
    Sugars: 50g
    Fiber: 35g

    I had suggested that a weightlifter craft their calorie intake so that 40-60% of it is from carbs. This suggestion got LOLURDUMB. You'll note that this plan has 42% of my calories coming from carbs.
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