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Thread: Reasonable Goals?

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    Reasonable Goals?


    I've recently set myself some goals i want to reach before i go on holiday. I was just wondering if they are achievable or not. i have been lifting for around 6 weeks now.
    Im doing wbb1 and i assume im eating enought calories because ive been putting a lbs or 2 on every week.

    weight now 154 - goal 180
    bench now 145 - goal 200
    squat now 154 - goal 240
    Deadlift 154 - goal 240
    Millitary press now 88 - goal 132
    cg bench now - 120 - goal 165

    The date i want to reach these goals by is 31st july which gives me around 21 weeks. All weights now and goals are for 6 - 8 reps.

    Any comments apreciated
    Height 5,8
    Start weight 147
    Currnet weight 158
    Target weight 180

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    I think all of those goals are very reasonable, especially in 21 weeks. I also think you could increase your deadlift more than that. If your goals are specifically strength, you should look into westside variations and wave loading. You can get a lot out of them, especially if you're riding newbie gains.

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