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Thread: some important questions.

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    some important questions.

    well i'm new to this forum and wanted to ask some questions because it looks like you guys are experts.

    First of all i am only 16 years old and extreamly strong the only problem is that i weigh 120lb.I was wondering how to gain weight and also if the extra weight would be good for getting huge muscles and if it would add or decrease my strength?
    and also is it o.k for a guy as small as me to be bench pressing 185lb or would it have effects on me when i get older?
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    you way 120lbs and ur benching 185lbs? thats exceptional, congrats!

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    Welcome to the won't lose strength by gaining some weight...since you're 16 you still have some growing "up" to do before you start filling out. Try to get more calories into you and add some mass slowly...eventually your growth spurt will stop and you'll start getting thicker so it depends on how big you wanna get eventually...but you have a few years left still so packing on some pounds won't hurt much if you can out eat your metabolism.
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