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Thread: 1 month update...

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    1 month update...

    One month ago...


    I only have time to put these two up. See any changes? I am bulking right now by the way. Do you think I am gaining too much fat?

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    I honestly don't see any changes..

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    Quote Originally Posted by runnerboy View Post
    I honestly don't see any changes..
    Neither do I except for the fact that I have gained 10 pounds.
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    have you been hitting the legs hard? the weight is probably in there...otherwise you look exactly the same, its all relative, i mean a month isnt that long, wait for a few mos. then post a pic and a difference and qualitative criticism can be constructed
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    a month isn't really enough time to see significant changes in your physique. i can tell you've put on some weight, though. 10 lbs. in a month is a bit too fast. you're going to start putting on undesireable amounts of bf at that rate. slow it down a little bit. aim for 1-1.5 lbs a week.

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