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Thread: Really confused about carb cycling

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    Really confused about carb cycling

    Yes, folks I have read the posts, but I am still confused(not the brightest match in the pack, im afraid).
    I weigh 198lb.
    I currently consume 250g protein/day
    I consume 150g carbs/day
    I consume 50 to 60g fat/day

    I train UPPER BODY on mon and fri, LOWER on wed and CARDIO on tues and thurs.

    The next week I train LOWER on mon and fri, UPPER on wed and CARDIO still on tues and thurs.

    So, typically, upper body twice on week, lower body twice the following.

    Can I carb cycle like this? I only take saturdays off from all training.
    AND(!) I have plateaued for the last two weeks in losing weight.
    All constructive critisism greatfully appreciated.
    Cheers, Rob

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    You'd probably be better off moving this to the diet forum. If it helps, I follow a split that isn't really "optimal" for carb cycling, yet I've had great results doing so.

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