After a long lay off from squats due to a back injury I started doing them again last monday. I had been stretching for a couple of weeks leading up to this. I also warmed up with five minutes cycling, body weight squats and some hamstring stretches. I performed 5 x 10 very deep squats, with no complaints from my hip. At first I'd tried to keep a very tight arch in my back, but found that this limited my range of motion to just about parallel, so I concentrated on keeping my back straight rather than just arched.

Today I did squats again, but my hip flexors were really hurting. I warmed up the same. Having looked forward to getting back in the squat game, I plowed on with the sets in spite of the pain, through sheer frustration.

I note that I have had this problem before.

I have had this problem before, but am puzzled why it didn't affect me on monday but did affect me today.

I will perform more hip related stretches now, such as the one where you lie on your back and pull your knee toward your chest. However I was wandering whether dynaimc stretching might be more useful.

It also seems odd that this problem is quite transient in nature. I can't quite figure out the determining factor when it comes to what does or doesn't allow me to perform full squats without hip pain.