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Thread: Baseball Season Training

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    Baseball Season Training

    I need some help here people. Baseball season has started for me and for the past week I haven't been in the gym. A few times this week I had the energy (very rare because I have 5am practices + school) to go to the gym but didn't go because of arm soreness from throwing (impossible to avoid) I was terrified that any kid of upper body workout would increase the arm pain. Anyone here know how much lifting affects the ligaments in the arm and shoulders? and anyone here know of a good inseason routine? Now that im in season i know its impractical to lift for gains, now i have to lift to maintain.

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    It depends on your position. If your coach is on top of things he should probably have a routine laid out for you. Or possibly a team trainer if you have one would have good advice. I personally ditched my current routine during baseball season. I don't know where baseball and lifting is on your priority list but I always had baseball ahead of lifting. I never lifted if I thought it would cause me to be sore when I had to throw or if it would make me need more rest days after throwing. Light shoulder work and light leg work plus a lot of running/conditioning is good during the season.
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    Im just stickin with what I have been doing and see how it goes, I don't wanna stop I am too addicted lol. But I am trying two of my four lift days on the weekend when I got more time.
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