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Thread: Seem A Bit Strange??

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    Seem A Bit Strange??

    Today I went into the gym and decided to go from flat bench to incline just to mix it up. Now from what I've herd and seen people have a harder time lifting the same amount of weight on a incline than they do a flat... Well I went in there and totally blew my flat bench off the roof... I did 140 x 10 on incline and can barley push 6 on flat... Plus I had some amazing ass form.. Is that weird or are just different muscles in my body stronger? And will someone please explain the benefits of Incline Vs Flatt Vs Decline...and if maybe I should just stick to doing incline instead of flat?

    Thank You


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    Everyone's different. Could be a number of factors.
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    Lol, that is weird! Incline involves the deltoids more, so maybe you have really strong shoulders. The higher the angle of the incline, the more the shoulders are involved. Decline uses less shoulders and more triceps than either flat or incline.

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    I agree you could just have very strong deltoids. Did you bring the weight all the way down to your chest? You should try flat next time and see if you can get 10 again.
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    Yeh I braught the BB all the way to my chest... I think im gonna try flat again next time at the gym...maybe my overall resistance rate went up...

    No idea....just found it very weird

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    Must have been your "amazing ass form"
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    Chances are as you get stronger, you're flat benching will progress faster than your incline.

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    Yep. You must just have some strong-ass shoulders in relation to your chest.
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    I do a lot of seated dumbbell shoulder presses...
    Could this be the cause for it??

    I went to the gym today and my personal best went up which Im pretty excited about. I can press 45LBS 3x8 now??

    Is that relevantly heavy? and would it be the cause for me being able to bench so much on incline?
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