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Thread: Eating after Weighing in...

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    Eating after Weighing in...

    I have a weigh in tomorrow at 7:00 AM. I don't lift until about 3:30ish later that day, what should I eat after I weigh in?

    Currently weigh 131.7, naturally weigh 140, going to hopefully weigh under 129.

    Right now I have packed 3 PB+J sandwiches, 2 slices of cheese pizza, and quite a bit of chinese food. I also plan to drink as much water/Gatorade as possible b/c I'm dehydrated.
    snatch: 185
    Bench: 245
    Clean: 245
    Jerk: 275x2
    C+J: 245
    TANDEM C+J: 442
    Need to weigh: 62kg
    Body fat: 6.3%
    Goal for State: 255 Bench, 260 C+J. and 205 snatch for OLY

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    id stick strickly to carbs if i were you and little fats.

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