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Thread: difference in calories

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    difference in calories

    On the pakages of boneless skinless chicken breast i buy and eat it says that 3oz cooked has 100 calories but on fitday it says somethin more in the range of 130-140. Which should I believe? I have come across a few items like this also such as white fish which i also eat a lot.

    If I am mis calculating calories it could be slightly detrimental especially if I count things lower than they are now since i am bulking and dont want to over do it.

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    There is a "custom food" option on fitday where you can actually create your own foods.
    So basically you just look at the nutrion label on your package of chicken breasts and create your custom food based on the label. You can fill in weight, calories, carbs, fats, protien..pretty much everything that is contained on a nutrition label can be input into your custom food.
    Try it

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