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Thread: Question On Deadlift Form

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    Question On Deadlift Form

    Hey guys, I was lifting back today at the gym and after I finished my second set of stiff leg dead lifts one of the trainers, who is a woman, came up to me and said my form was all wrong. She said as I was going down with it my back was arched and not straight, which would eventually cause me to slip a disk in my back and what not. I can't really help that my back arches when I bend over. What is your guys' input on this?
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    A rounded back is never a good thing with deadlifts. Try to push your chest and ass out more. It will help keep your back straighter.
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    Work on flexibility. Alot of having good form has something to do with flexiblity in your lower AND upper back. When you are setting up, try and get your heels as close under the bar as possible, stick your butt out like you have something to prove and keep that chest and head high.
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    Hold on now, an arched back is GOOD, a rounded back is not. Now that we have that out of the way, there could be a couple of things. Both Guy and Detard gave good advice, but you could also be suffering from ****ty posture. If you're posture is terrible it could lead to some problems when you pull.

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