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Thread: My photos from 7 years of training

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    My photos from 7 years of training

    So guys, these are my photos of years of training. The only time that I stopped was when my girlfriend broke up with me... I got depressed and stopped for 8 months. Didn't eat right and stuff, and became really skinny again. But I won't put a photo of that time coz that's just pathetic.

    Here with 17 years old, 2 year of training (I wasn't eating right and stuff, so I gained like 13-14 pounds in 2 years)

    Here with 18, 1st cycle of test (yeah I know, I really did **** cycling this young)

    And here with 22 (now). I've done 1 small and other big cycles, and here I am: 5'9'', 165lbs... nothing really big, but Im working hard to get bigger.

    Well, I need ur opinion guys to say what I need to get better, except for legs coz I know I have a 14 years old legs. I just made the STUPID DECISION years ago to not train legs, and now there's been like a year or so that I started training them again. Please, any opinions are welcome
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