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Thread: Super Skinny ... Wants to Gain

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    Super Skinny ... Wants to Gain

    Hey there, I just joined so I am not sure if this is the right area or not. I am very new to lifting and just the whole body building in general. But I knew enough that my 15 lb. dumbell I own wasn't going to be enough. So I joined the JCC (Jewish Community Center) No I'm not Jewish but I guess that really doesn't have anythng to do with anything. It has a full Fitness Center and tons of goodies. I have been debating if I want to meet up with one of their personal trainers, but I figured I could look around the internet first and I found this place.

    Let me tell you a bit about myself so you can have some background info. I was two months premature so I have always been really tiny for my age and just in genral. I at the moment weight 113 lbs (naked) 118 with cloths, and this is the most i've ever weighed in my life. I have always wanted to be bigger, but never really had the determination to do anything about it until now. I am 20, turning 21 in May and desided I want to change my life style and get a little bigger. I am also in a play called Requrim for a Heavyweight, and its about boxing and my director wants us all to bulk up a little.

    I have a super high matabalisum (always have) and whatever I eat goes right threw me. I can eat 5 McDonalds $1 double cheeseburgers and not gain a lb, but I have weird eating habbits too. I'll go a day eating just about nothing, and then the next day eat TONS cuz I'm starving. Like today I had a bigmac, and a jr. bacon cheese burger. Not the heatlyest stuff, but Im not fat.. so meh.

    I signed up at the JCC for 3 mothns (for $99.00) its a trail thing. My goal in the 3 months is to get to the wieght of 125. I don't know how reallstic that is, I guess all in all if I gain any weight its going to be mussel cuz i am so not fat anyway. So if there is an incress I guess my goal is reached. I'd really like to get to 125 though. I also want my arms to grow the most cuz I want to get a tattoo and my arms are to small right now.

    So any advice whatsoever would be greatful!

    Thanks so much in advance. It's almost 3am though, and im beat from the work out I did eariler. I had oriontation at the JCC and I did full hour or so workout. And I just got back from seeing the movie 300 .. so yea time to hit the hay.

    (sry about spelling I didn't bother spell checking)


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    I'll go a day eating just about nothing
    At our size, to gain weight that is by far your biggest mistake.

    As others will suggest, you need to eat a lot of calories, protein, carbs, and fat. My diet to gain weight is forcing me to consume 3500 calories, 368g carbs, 125g protein, and 80g fat.

    When you eat, you also need to eat at least semi healthy. It helps you gain much more when you are eating a variety of foods, and laying off the fast food from what I understand.

    Also, last but not least, you need a workout routine. If you are just getting into working out WBB 1 is pretty dandy, found here. My current workout is nearly an exact replica of it, and is working out great. A lot of people have used it for great results.

    When you lift, make sure you stretch before and after as well. This will help speed up recovery.

    Just saw this.
    My goal in the 3 months is to get to the wieght of 125.
    I believe you can achieve higher than that. I gained 5lbs in a week and a half just from eating 3500/4000 calories a day, and working out three days a week.
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    Chances are Micheal that you're really not eating as much as you should be
    and honestly Mc. Donald's is not the preferred choice of caloric intake.
    Instead try eating some healthy fats (yes they do exist) and putting lots of complex carbohydrates into your diet. Almost all of us here would also recommend eating 1.0 -1.5 grams of protein for every pound your mass consists of (In your case 113 Grams)

    I'll give a quick list of some foods some of us swear by as well as a shake
    you could whip up without having to spend money on supplements seeing how this is only a temporary thing from what I gather.


    Peanut Butter (All Natural, or not)
    Pastas & Pies (Excellent Source of Carbohydrates)
    Olive Oils
    Chicken Breasts (Boiled Or Grilled)
    and so on.... I suggest shooting over to the nurtritional part of the forums for
    more recipes and so on.

    Quick and Easy Shake:
    1-2 Cups Of Yogurt
    2 Cups Milk
    1 Banana
    2 Tbl Spoons of Peanut Butter (Healthy fats)
    1-2 Tbl Spoons of Extra Virgin olive oil (healthy fats)

    ^^I admit sounds a bit disgusting at first but you will learn to LOVE them.

    Also I suggest getting a very solid workout regiment such as the WBB1 to start off. Use it as your bible and it wont stear you wrong. And just remember to eat, eat, eat...Push, Push, Push...Rest Rest Rest

    And do not over train...if you over train you will see less of a result than if you had never started... Most of us are in the gym three times a week and the rest of our week is meant for recovery. Rest is vital for the growth of your muscles becuase after all they grow outside of the gym not inside of it.

    Anymore questions our members are very friendly and will help you so ask away...

    And welcome to the boards!!!

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    Welcome to the boards man

    dude at ur size, you can almost eat anything you want, just make sure your getting lots of calories man, lots of meats lots of carbs and lots of fat, just put the food in your body you have to take in more than you burn off, just eat and eat and eat.

    now with that said dont go pig out oon snack cakes and cookies and ****, good quality food, chicken beef pork rice whole grain breads olive oils. put it this way, if it was once living its ok to eat it

    also you could try the See-Food diet, you see fod u eat it

    and when you go in the gym, stil to the basics, benching squatting and deadlifitng

    a good beginner routine is the WBB1 routine on this website, just do a search it is very easy to find and the program is very basic and a good foundation for any begining lifter
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    Thanks for all the replies! I will def take a look at that WBB1 thing you guys have been talking about. Also I am going to have to change my eating habits I guess. I am really looking forward to going to the gym .. i've never really been motivated about my body until now. I think after the 3 months I'll want to stay so I am hoping I reach my goal of 125. Many people have told me that's very realaistic and I might very well weigh more then that. So super cool. If anyone else has any other advice please feel free to reply. I will keep you guys posted about my progress, and if I ever feel like I was big enough to take a picture and make it worth while for your viewing I'd do so.

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    I think after the 3 months I'll want to stay so I am hoping I reach my goal of 125.
    Aim higher man. You could easily hit 140 eating enough and working out every other day.
    Ron Coleman"everybody wanna be a bodybuilda, but nobody wanna lift this heavy ass weight....i do it though...lightweight."

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    Theres a bloke I know in Sydney who is probably similar to you, he has made good progress thru eating correctly.

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