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    Home Made Dip Belt

    So after struggling with keeping 65lb dumbells between my legs, I finally decided to look around my house and make a dip belt. I thought of mabye buying one but in stores they are around $50 so I said screw that.

    I looked around in my basement for something that would work as a belt. I found an old golf bag that had a padded strap. I took that off and headed over to Canadian Tire. I picked up a 5 foot chain for $7.45 (rated at 560lbs) and 2 carabiners rated at 352lbs. I attached one to each side of the belt padding and then hooked one end of the chain to the hook on the right and looped it through the left one (I actually hooked it in chain for more comfort) and then through the weight and up to the hook on the right again.

    (I still have a bit of loose chain that needs to be cut off)

    As you can see, if you just look around and dont mind having equipment that isn't what the queen would use, you can make something that will work just as good as something that costs $50, for $15.
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