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Thread: A matter of...pounds?

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    Ok so I weighed myself today and it showed that I weigh 148 lbs.
    When I weighed myself on January 29th, I weighed about 141 lbs. So thats 7lbs of whatever it may be in about a month and a half. I feel like I have made more progress than that. I've been weighing (no pun) the factors of what could have affected my weight but I'm stumped. I've put on some fat, and I know for a fact that I've gotten stronger and I'm making great progress in the gym. I have improved but I havent really put on a lot of weight...which is a bit of an opposite to the problem of gaining weight with no progress.
    I hope this is just a poorly calibrated scale and not my synapses playing tricks on me.
    Well, I guess if I look noticeably better at only 7 lbs gain, imagine what I'll look like in 40 more pounds.
    Can anyone say "Kaboom?"

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    7 lbs in a month is quite good. Very good. You should be quite happy with that assuming it is mostly muscle.

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    I agree. 7 pounds in a month is great.

    I'd suggest a better apprach to tracking bw, if that is something you want to measure to track your progress (IMO, you need to couple it with a bf measurement to get the full picture)

    Weigh yourself once a week.. same day, same time, same conditions.

    I weigh myself every Sunday morning, immediately after waking and eliminating. Track that over a period of time, and you'll get a good picture.

    Weighing less often is fine, as long as you can exactly replicate the conditions. Doing it more often will help eliminate some fluctuations.

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