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    Much testemonial evidence is promolgated concerning the strength increases from HIT advocates, I have yet to read any relevant size increase attained from HIT trainers changing from volume or commencing with HIT from scratch.
    Do any HIT trainers wish to relate size statistical increase since using HIT,,,,Chris?



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    I am in a rush this A.M., so I will be quick. As I have said a thousand times, size and strength increases go together. Obviously this varies from individual to individual, and it excludes people who train specifically to enhance their nervous system in order to gain strength and not size. But, standard weight training is what it is! If you train with a normal cadence, then as you gain strength you will gain size. If you doubt HIT's ability to put on size I will refer you to Mike Mentzer, Casey Viator, and more recently Dorian Yates. All quite large in my estimation.

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