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Thread: Good rep weight for deadlift?

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    Good rep weight for deadlift?

    Hows it going guys, I have been lifting for 15 months my max on bench is 305 I am 5'10 190 pounds. I just started doing deadlift. My question is since I am pretty strong in other areas should I approach deadlift heavy or work uo to it. I hit 300 my second time doing it. My question is that a good max? Or should I be doing more since my bench is 305? Up until now I had just been doing chest biceps abs and cardio, but I am trying to take it to the next level. My goal is to get up to 330 pounds on bench press within the next 2months. I am very confident I can do that I'm just not 100% sure about the deadlift. What I have been doing so far on deadlift is as follows: 135 for 10 reps, 185 for 8 reps 205 for 6 reps 255 for 4 reps then 275 for 2 reps 300 for 1 rep. Anyway I am for real about lifting I take it very seriously I respect the weight but I never fear it.

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    Thats a good set for warm up, but not for a regular routine. If you could, don't post 32743204720 threads and if you could, post your routine and we'll see what we can do.

    And don't just focus on 1 lift. Somehow mix all the core lifts in, like bench:monday, clean:tuesday, squat:wednesday, dead:thursday. That's just something to go off of.

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