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Thread: best time to do cardio?

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    best time to do cardio?

    hello good people. im new here, thought id say hello. and id like to ask a quick question.

    when is the best time to do cardio, such as jogging, or bike riding.

    i have read that you should do cardio AFTER your workout.

    see, im trying to get into the u.s navy and my recruiter told me to run for like an hour and a half. he said you wont get to fat burning heart rate until you run for half an hour. but i was at the gym last night, and the treadmill told me my target heart rate for fat loss was 129. anywhy, i dont want to get to confusing here, would like to know the truth on cardio for optimal fat loss. no, i do not want to use any fat loss supplements. thanks so much. support our troops!!!!

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    Depends on your goal usually. If you goal is fat loss I would do cardio then weights because you will use the boos to your heart rate longer. However if your goal is more muscle faster most agree you should do weights to ensure you have maximum energy to put into pushing weights then run. People usually view running first as burning carbs and such which if you overtrain will cause you to get less bang for your muscle buck.

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