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Thread: Good rep weight for deadlift?

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    Good rep weight for deadlift?

    Hows it going guys, I have been lifting for 15 months my max on bench is 305 I am 5'10 190 pounds. I just started doing deadlift. My question is since I am pretty strong in other areas should I approach deadlift heavy or work uo to it. I hit 300 my second time doing it. My question is that a good max? Or should I be doing more since my bench is 305? Up until now I had just been doing chest biceps abs and cardio, but I am trying to take it to the next level. My goal is to get up to 330 pounds on bench press within the next 2months. I am very confident I can do that I'm just not 100% sure about the deadlift. What I have been doing so far on deadlift is as follows: 135 for 10 reps, 185 for 8 reps 205 for 6 reps 255 for 4 reps then 275 for 2 reps 300 for 1 rep. Anyway I am for real about lifting I take it very seriously I respect the weight but I never fear it.

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    A good max is the maximum you can do without sacrificing form. A good rep range is the maximum weight you can do for the desired reps without sacrificing form. Whether that's 75 pounds or 1000 makes no difference, in either case.

    Keep that in mind and keep adding weight to the bar and you're good.
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    This is one of many reposts.... good advice though Shock

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