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Thread: recommended cook books?

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    recommended cook books?

    I am an extreme amateur at cooking. if left to my own devices, i would just eat chicken and a slice of bread for every meal. so does anyone have a cook book they recommend that is more geared towards weight lifters?

    daniel clough's sig has a link for what looked to be a real good one. the site gave samples of a few pages and had some very good looking meals

    i think i might buy it unless someone else has other recommendations.

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    That one looks pretty good, as well I would probably check out Company's Coming. They makes tons of cook books and Im sure theyll have something that us bodybuilders can use.

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    ya, berardi's is a good one. lots of variety and the recipes aren't too difficult.
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    I hear this one is good:

    Gotta love Betty Crocker:

    And my roommate swears by this one:

    I know some people hate her, but Rachel Ray has some good books with easy recipes. Plus her 30 minute meals are done cooking before you are eating your leg off.

    My best suggestion is going to a bookstore and hanging out in the food section. Find a book that has food you like to eat, would be willing to make, and has good instructions.
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    I got the Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook for Christmas and it's amazing. It's in a 3 ring format so that you can add stuff to it if you want.

    I also agree about Rachel Ray's books. They're based around the same format as 30-minute meals, so everything's fast, easy, and reasonably healthy.

    Most new cookbooks have nutritional breakdowns along with the recipes.
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    My grandma got me "Clueless in the Kitchen" when I moved out. It has all of the basics and addresses stupid things that people who know how to cook take for granted. I know how to cook pretty well now and I still bust that one out from time to time.

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    I've heard this is good, and I can usually dump another can of chicken in whatever I'm cooking.

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    alright thanks for the replies everyone

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