I'm about 5-9, 175 and anywhere from 20-24% bf. I started out a few months ago at a skinny fat 150 or so and very weak. I've been bulking on about 3500 cals up until this point. My main lifts are as follows...
Bench: 145lb
ATF: 180lbs
Deadlift: 225lbs

I've been ok with my body fat for most of the bulk but lately it's been getting kind of embarrasing taking off my shirt because I'm starting to get some real love handles and man boobies. The only thing is though, I don't feel like I have significant muscle to cut, but maybe that's just the bigorexia in me. Sorry, I don't have pics right now but I'll try and get them.
Anyways, what would you guys say? Any advice? And if I do cut, what would you say are the top 5 important things to remember on a cut? Oh am taking ETS so I may be able to atleast maintain strength on the cut. Those little pills are amazing.