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Thread: I desire to be ripped. Not nescessarily "big" (there is a question)

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    I desire to be ripped. Not nescessarily "big" (there is a question)

    It occurs to me I may be going about it the wrong way...probably should've seen it sooner... <_<;;

    Anyways here's what I do

    DB Incline Press 2x6
    Weighted Dips*
    Weighted Chinups*
    BO DB Rows*

    Closegrip Bench*
    Standing Tricep pushdowns*
    Preacher Curls*
    Hammer Curls 2x6
    Weighted Incline situps 3x8
    Shrugs 3x12

    Squats 2x6
    Hack Squats 2x6
    Leg Curls 3x8
    Standing Calf Raises 3x12
    SL Deads 2x6

    Everything with a * is 3x6

    So anyways my understanding is that 2-3 sets of 6-8 reps is ideal for Hypertrophy, the increasing of muscle size, right? So if I'm not bent about muscle size, which I'm not, I'm going for ripped, then should I be doing higher reps and sets?

    I don't know anything. You tell me.


    Edit: you might need this


    Yes I am "eating the house down" >_>
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