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Thread: time to completely rehydrate

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    time to completely rehydrate

    im just getting over the stomach flu which left me in bed for about a day and a half and i didnt eat anything nor drink anything during that time. i finally started eating on the night of the 2nd day, so obviously i was dehydrated. about how long does it take to COMPLETELY get all the water back in my system and get back to my normal weight??

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    Depending on your water loss it shouldn't take any longer than 24 hours to rehydrate, given that you're still alive. Restoring glycogen, etc might take a little longer.
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    i dont know if this is just placebo or what, but the day after drinking when im really dehydrated, a few grams of creatine and a jug of water have me feeling a lot better about myself. Give it a try and be sure to get some good food in you too.
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