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Thread: I need help to get prepared for varsity football

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    I need help to get prepared for varsity football

    The title says it all. I have about 5 months til im on the field and right now i am far from ready. Im confident (not to confident) with my skills in the position I want to play which is corner back aka defensive back. I have to run backwards sideways and almost every way you can think of. I mostly need speed and upper body strength and some lower body strength. there is no point in being big because this position has you running like crazy. I can't afford to go to a gym right now because of some money issues with a guitar, but i am getting this bench:

    as for the bar i'm prolly going 2 get one of those small ones with about 100-110 lbs of weight ( yes, i realize that is not much)

    also one big thing, im looking for a 7 day workout....YES seven day. and i need the cardio workout included (preferably just running)

    If anyone can please help me out i'll really appreciate it. I'll put 100% effort and wake up as early as i need to, eat right, and do whatever i have to.

    and the last thing is supplements. should i take creatine or protein? and can i take both at the same time? and how much? and when?

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    Posting some stats would help =)
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    sorry i posted twice, please reply in the other one.

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    ok this one is fine then

    bench - 110 (2 years ago in off season, so prolly less)
    squat - 130ish
    my weight is 125
    with one arm i curl 25 <- i hope this doesn't sound dumb

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    Duplicate in GPP forum.

    Just need to post it once.
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