Due to being enrolled in college, at times it is difficult for me to eat right. The limited amount of food and timesthat I can eat, make it hard to have a really good diet. After lurking around the forums and trying to make healthier decisions this is what ive been eating latley

I have a muscular build but after first semester have put on some weight in my mid section that comes hand in hand with poor eating, I am now making a conciensce effort to lose that weight before summer rolls around

currently im 6'3 215, the only real fat being in my mid section that im trying to lose. this is what I haven been eating for about the past week and seems to work

9:00 --
2 Egg whites
1 whole egg w/ketchup
2 pieces of whole wheat toast with some rasberry spread (its just there next to the toast I have no idea what it is lol)

11:00 --
A Bananna

12:30 --
Sandwich with Lite wheat bread/Provolone cheese/turkey/lettuce/honey mustard,
3 Egg whites w/ salt

3:00 --
Whey 24g protein shake

6:00 --
2 chicken brests w/ Bbq sauce or mariana sauce
occassional salad
White rice with soy sauce

9:00 -- Whey 24g Protein shake and/or assorted fruit
Protein Bar

Im also lifting upperbody only on Mon,Weds,Fri
Im running about 2.5 miles on Tues, Thurs

Thanks in advance for any responses, there just isnt many healthy choices at college and it just makes it that much more difficult. I just wanna make sure im doing this right