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Thread: Neural Inefficiency

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    Neural Inefficiency

    Hi all,
    I've started in the gym recently, and I'm having trouble
    when it comes to making gain's in the fast fiber/5 rep
    region. I read recently somewhere (forget where sorry)
    that this may be due to neural inefficiency and that
    I might be better off sticking to 10 reps for the moment
    until the nervous system becomes more efficient.
    Can anyone add any thought's to that.

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    Why would you do 10 rep work if you want to improve your 5 rep work? Not that 10 rep work doesn't have its place, but if you want to make your nervous system more efficient for heavy low reps, then you need to do heavy low reps...
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    yeah sounds right bro.
    it seemed kinda weird.
    like if u wanna get good at something do THAT
    not something else.
    Thanks for the input

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