hey guys,

i'm a bit confused about my shoudlers..

just to give a little backstory incase anyones got some insight....
i just recently got back to bench after a long hiatus from it, due to some mysterious shoulder problem...never got it checked out..i think it was rotator cuff..i couldnt bench the bloody bar 10times without my shoulders agitating me..
i have been doing standing internal and external rotations with a tension band for the last few months about twice a week

so benching doesnt bother me like it used to so far, but i haven't been pushing it too too hard either....ive reached 155pounds doing about 10reps comfortably..i know i could push a lot more, but i still don't feel that confident that my shoulders are ready for very strenuous bench loads.. and my shoulders still feel kinda tender and a bit sore inside after doing bench and dips now.. thing is, it's been so long since ive benched hard, im not even sure how to interpret the feelings and to know when my shoulders are ready..

ive been back at it for 2-3 weeks now and im unsure whether to continue, or to stop before i get back in the same position i was before, and start more rigorous rotator cuff training like in this article i just stumbled upon..

(ok i can't post it because i need 10posts...neway, it's a t-nation article titled "Cracking the Rotator Cuff Conundrum")

also, how do i properly warm up my shoudlers before doing chest/shoulder exercises? i've read you should do rotator exercises before..and some stretching. i've also read, and heard, that you shouldn't do rotator exercises because you will weaken those muscles needed for benching and risk injury(says in that article)....and some fitness guy told me that stretching prior will destabilize, or weaken, your shoulder, also making it more injury prone during the lifts.
so far all i've really been doing is warmup sets.. and honestly, it doesnt feel like its enough.. but i dunno what else to do