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    Diet Confusion


    I've read the 'best of' threads when it comes to making a diet plan and i'm still pretty lost.

    Please help! If i have any chance of succeeding in a bulk then i'm pretty sure i'll have to be tracking my calories and protein/carb/fat intake on fitday - it confuses me.

    First question: A question about fitday. Say, for example, i wanted to add in my breakfast for today:

    5 hard boiled, medium sized eggs
    300g of low fat cottage cheese
    1 pint of milk.

    So i go to Foods > Browse > Dairy and Eggs > Eggs > Boiled - and then it says that 1 'cup' of eggs equals this and that...What is a cup of eggs?


    Second question: In relation to the AtLarge Nutrition thread about gaining mass. Where it says: 'You should strive for a consumption of roughly 2 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight' - is that for your TARGET weight or your CURRENT weight? If it is for current weight, it would work out for me at about 350g of protein, per day; is this correct or a safe consumption of protein?


    Third question (sorry!): Say i bought a packet of oatmeal, and i recorded the amount of protein/carb/fat, would i have to measure the weight of each serving i had of that oatmeal and then have to divide from the typical '100g servings' that is said on the packet in order for me to see the amount of P/C/F and calories? How would i measure this exactly? Should the measurements be that exact/strict, or should i just shutup and eat?


    Fourth question (sorry again!): Could i base most of my fitday foods as customized, as it'll probably save alot of time trying to find exact matches for the food i am actually eating? Or will this have its disadvantages? Would it be even possible?

    EDIT: Say i wanted to add chips to one of meals on fitday - would i have to measure and calculate the protein, carbs and fat of each chip in relation to each individual chips length/diameter/weight? I am exaggerating a bit here, but i'd like to know how exact this has gotta be...i'm guessing i really should just shutup and eat, sorry.

    Thanks in advance for anyone who can help answer these questions, and i am EXTREMELY SORRY if the above has made me sound like a complete dickhead.
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