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Thread: Diet Confusion

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    Diet Confusion


    I've read the 'best of' threads when it comes to making a diet plan and i'm still pretty lost.

    Please help! If i have any chance of succeeding in a bulk then i'm pretty sure i'll have to be tracking my calories and protein/carb/fat intake on fitday - it confuses me.

    First question: A question about fitday. Say, for example, i wanted to add in my breakfast for today:

    5 hard boiled, medium sized eggs
    300g of low fat cottage cheese
    1 pint of milk.

    So i go to Foods > Browse > Dairy and Eggs > Eggs > Boiled - and then it says that 1 'cup' of eggs equals this and that...What is a cup of eggs?


    Second question: In relation to the AtLarge Nutrition thread about gaining mass. Where it says: 'You should strive for a consumption of roughly 2 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight' - is that for your TARGET weight or your CURRENT weight? If it is for current weight, it would work out for me at about 350g of protein, per day; is this correct or a safe consumption of protein?


    Third question (sorry!): Say i bought a packet of oatmeal, and i recorded the amount of protein/carb/fat, would i have to measure the weight of each serving i had of that oatmeal and then have to divide from the typical '100g servings' that is said on the packet in order for me to see the amount of P/C/F and calories? How would i measure this exactly? Should the measurements be that exact/strict, or should i just shutup and eat?


    Fourth question (sorry again!): Could i base most of my fitday foods as customized, as it'll probably save alot of time trying to find exact matches for the food i am actually eating? Or will this have its disadvantages? Would it be even possible?

    EDIT: Say i wanted to add chips to one of meals on fitday - would i have to measure and calculate the protein, carbs and fat of each chip in relation to each individual chips length/diameter/weight? I am exaggerating a bit here, but i'd like to know how exact this has gotta be...i'm guessing i really should just shutup and eat, sorry.

    Thanks in advance for anyone who can help answer these questions, and i am EXTREMELY SORRY if the above has made me sound like a complete dickhead.
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    1. You can use the drop down box next to the item to change it from cups or whatever.

    2. Current body weight probably, but as long as your getting 1g per LBM you should be good. 2g is fine. You can't have too much protein unless you have kidney issues already.

    3. I get oatmeal in large bags. 1/2 cup uncooked is 150 cals. I use a 1/2 cup scoop. You could weigh the serving, or do whatever you want. Normally it is easiest to go off the serving size on the container and just enter the number of servings you ate.

    4. Yes you could customize everything if you want. Most of my foods besides chicken/eggs/peanut butter are all custom foods. The more accurately you track the better.

    Get a scale to measure meats, and some good measuring cups/spoons and you should be good to go.
    Nick V

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