After reading up on some general strength training principles and talking with Guido, I came up with a routine that is geared towards strength and includes both the powerlifting and olympic movements.

3 days per week:
Day 1: Squat/Deadlift
Day 2: Bench
Day 3: Olympic lifts

- Weeks alternate between a target single and target reps.
- Rep weeks alternate between partials (ex rackpulls, cleans, push press) and "extended" movements (ex deep squats, deadlifts off platform)
- 2 consecutive weeks will be for deadlift, followed by 2 for squat
- same goes for snatch and clean and jerk
- Following the main lift will be some accessory work (ex SLDLs, narrow grip bench, hypers)

And now I ask you for your input, opinions, thoughts and advice.
Shoot away WBB!