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Thread: Need a Small Cheap Interval timer...

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    Need a Small Cheap Interval timer...

    I want to get a small cheap interval timer than I can strap to my wrist or wear around my neck or something for interval stuff or HIIT. Anyone know of a good one?

    I want one that allows you to have multiple time periods as well so that it automatically does a buzz after 30 seconds (run) then does 60 seconds (rest) repeatedly so I dont have to think or click buttons it just does it ad infinitum till I tell it to stop. Having programmable times (rather than standardized ones) would be nice too.
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    i just grabbed the new black and yellow Timex Ironman watch, and it has 3 count down timers with alarm, a chrono setting with 3 lap counters.. etc

    check it out, or stop by a watch shop, they'll have athletic timers
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    I don't have one yet, but I will be buying one soon.
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