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    advice on cutting

    hi there,
    i have bulked to 181 lbs and want to continue bulking for 3 more weeks to 185 lbs. The thing is that my abs are not very visible at the moment and i want them to be by the summer (at the moment my bodyfat is about 15%), so i want to go on a 6 week cut and try and get to about 181 again hopefully maintaing the muscle and losing some fat. The problem is that i won't really want to lose much weight, i will just want to tone up. as i don't want to lose much weight if i calculate it right i will be losing only 0.8 lbs per week. How can i make sure i don't lose too much weight when cutting? and how should i adjust diet and cardio? (don't do any cardio now)

    thanks very much
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