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    i am planning on bulking from 170 to 200 lbs i am taking whey protein and creatine and i made up a diet plan but wut i was wondering is could i take the protein shake twice a day and if i bulk the right way i was wondering how many months it should take to gain?

    Weight 168lb----Height 5"9
    Bench max- 205lb----goal 225lb
    Deadlift max-305lb----goal 400lb
    Squat max-260lb----goal 300lb


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    Perhaps you should post your diet plan in the diet forum?

    No one can answer the question as asked. I do suggest theat at your age, you not worry about bulking or 'cutting', and instead just lift hard and eat smart.
    Squats work better than supplements.
    "You know, if I thought like that, I'd never put more than one plate on the bar for anything, I'd never use bands or chains, I'd never squat to parallel or below, and I'd never let out the slightest grunt when I lift. At some point in your lifting career (assuming you're planning on getting reasonably strong and big), you're going to have to accept that most people think you are some kind of freak." -Sensei
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