G'day everyone,

I've recently finally got around to returning to the gym and am trying to build a routine up again. More to the point I've actually got a squat rack so squats are now safe and available (they weren't before if anyone remembers...).

I've now discovered though I have quite a fair bit of difficulty trying to do regular squats. The upper half of my torso (more shoulders/collarbone area) just doesn't feel flexible enough and i feel some small pain. I didn't want to give it up however so I've started front squats (which cause me no discomfort... aside from the fact that i'm trying to move heavy things lol).

My questions are:
Could I use front squats as a substitute for regular squats?
Could anyone give me any tips for increasing flexibility to do squats. I've read Built's article on hip flexor flexibility and have been attempting to do these quite regularly however hamstring, calves and the upper body still feel a bit tight...

Much appreciated =) have a good one.