Hey guys, I've decided that at this point, after about 3.5 years of bodybuilding, I want to get really cut for the first time. I have cut before, but only enough to lose the gut and never really get ripped. The end of my last cut took me to 193 lbs(from around 220), where I had no gut but wasn't ripped either. So having no experience at the low end of the BF spectrum since beginning BBing, I come seeking advice.

I'm 6'0 206-208 lbs right now, currently bulking up to 210 for the start of May.

I figure I would want to get down to 185-190 to be moderately ripped. That means losing about 25 lbs.

My questions are:

1)What do you think about doing it in one go (25 lbs in a row) vs cutting 10, maintaining/slightly bulking, cutting 10 more, repeat, etc.

2)Is 25 lbs more than you guys typically cut at once?

3)I understand that 1 -2 lbs/ week is a general guideline for a good speed to cut at. Do you guys find a big difference between 1 and 2 lbs per week in terms of being able to keep LBM?

4)Would 25 lbs in 3 months be faster than you guys would go?

5)Should I taper off the loss toward the end of the cut as I get leaner?

6) Simple calorie reduction, carb cycling, UD 2.0. Any reccomendations? My last cut was very simple: simply reduced calories, about 1 g/lb of LBM of protein, around 0.5 g/lb of lbm fat.

7)Finally, I noticed strength loss during my last cut, but half of those losses returned within a month of bulking again before I gained a single lb back. Should I take that to mean that strength loss while cutting does not neccessarily equal loss of LBM? Does having less energy or other factors affect strength directly and not neccessarily LBM?

Oh, and I realize 185 at 6'0" isn't very thick, but I started lifting at 153, so I have a thin frame and I'm okay with looking slim so long as it's a quality slim (for the short term).