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Thread: What are the odds?

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    What are the odds?

    I've been back at the gym for 2 weeks after a 2 month hiatus due to surgery.

    Pre surgery my best 1 rep max for bench was 305lbs

    Tonight with alot of warming up and alot of anger i snapped off 3 complete full ROM reps at 300lbs and prior to that 3 full ROM reps at 290lbs

    <--- anyway this is me

    Though my dumbell shoulder press i've had to drop from 75lb dumbells to 55lb'ers.. thought that was weird.

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    nice work bro
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    That is awesome, seems like the rest has done you well. =)
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    muscle memory FTW! I'd imagine that your shoulder presses will skyrocket over the next week or 2.
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    what angered you, Roddy?

    Congrats on the lift. after two months and seems like you didn't lose much strength. or may even gained some.

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    ya i think i musta been over training before cause i had really plateau'd before my surgery strength and size wise.

    I'm down about 12lbs even, but alot of that is cuz one leg is half the size of the other from not being able to walk on it. (foot surgery)

    and i was just angry from having a crappy past few days.
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    I'd say the odds were about 34 to 5.

    Oh yeah... Nice work!
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    deeder is that your deadlift face in your profile? hahaha nicceee

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