This is more of a vent than a question.

I feel like I can never get to where I want to be physically. First, let me give you some background. I am a bilateral lung transplant recipient. I am very short for my age (24) and actually only look 16 or so. So it's very important to me to work out, not only for the health benefits, but to feel better about myself.

Anyway, since my immune system is supressed, I get sick once and while and either have to go into the hospital for a week or so or do IV meds at home. I was told today, that'd I'd be doing IV antibiotics for 7 days, starting tomorrow.
Whenever I do IV meds, I have to scale back the weight or lay off working out completely. This time around, I'm just going to scale back and do more cardio to maintain.

But I feel like I get to a certain point in my fitness and then always to have to take time off because of illness. Like last summer, I was making some great gains and then had to stop because I had pneumonia. It put me out for nearly a month!

I am fortunate, though, because I feel like I have good muscle memory and my fitness returns pretty quickly (but I'm always scared it won't). Plus, I take prednisone every day, which can deteriorate muscles if they're not used.

So I don't really have a question to ask. I just need to rant. I really feel like if I was able to work out for 6 months straight I could be close to where I want to be. My weakness is my upper body. My chest is wimpy. My arms respond well to strength training, but still look skinny. I don't mind being skinny as long as I have some muscle definition and overall strength. But my chest is really lacking. The most I've worked out with chest-wise is doing the incline press with 27lb.dumbbells.


Oh, well, I should be thankful that I am able to work out on any level. But it's still aggravating to have to take breaks, lose gains and work so hard for minimal gains in my chest.

Thanks for listening!