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Thread: Problems with wbb1

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    Problems with wbb1

    Me and my friend have some problems with wbb1. We can't do dips or chin ups. Also we want to know if we can split the leg day into two mini days coupled with the other two. Like have a longer two day split and just go back and forth. Any suggestions?
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    How much do you Wanna Be BIG? If you can manage, definitely do the 3 day split, but if not, then make sure you work the legs when you can on the other 2 days - making sure not to train for more than 1hr 15mins each session for reasonable gains.

    Start doing negative or assisted chin ups. Negatives are where you lower the smith machine bar (for example) to neck height, grab the bar, bend your knees to your chest and slowly lower your body to the ground. This is a half of a chin up and will strengthen you up for regulars. Do them with a shoulder width or closer grip. NOT wide grip - this is bad.

    Assisted chins can be done at a gym where there is a chin up and dips assisted machine. The purpose of the machine is to be able to get more reps before failure. Just a thought.

    You'll need back muscles for the chin ups, so focus on improving your deadlifts and Shrugs. You'll need chest and tris for dips so go heavy with your Bench Presses and French Press.

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