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Thread: Chest Pains

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    Chest Pains

    For 3 months now I have been having the "Chest-popping" blues. There's popping action going on in the middle of my chest. I messed something up in the winter, and I have been slowly trying to get my chest back into shape.

    What I can do: Dumbell bench, machine flies, Cable flies. I control the ROM very carefully so there is no pain. They are progressing well... however

    What I would very much love to do again are dips and barbell bench! I still cannot do them without discomfort. I was hoping someone has had experiance coming out of chest injury and could help me.

    Also, did your chest ever stop popping?

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    Give this thread a read...........

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    Doctor + X ray

    Start there.

    Hopefully its not a cracked sternum or broken cartilage that helps hold ur rib cages together.

    Bounce the weight off your chest too much?

    When i was pushin heavier weight i bounced it too hard and had similar pain, but it never POPPED like you seem to describe.

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    I had problems after a bad wrestling injury. I damaged the ligaments that hold the ribs to the sternum. Very painful and had to let it heal by itself. I couldn't bench press for over a year when that happened. Definitely go to the doctor to see what he can do.

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    Is there any pain when it pops? You never really described in your message. If there is no pain and it's just akward popping then you could try some glucosamine and light weight reps to build some strength and it will eventually go away. If it's painful, then you should stop and see a doctor like everyone said.
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