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Thread: Fage (Greek Yogurt) instead of Cottage Cheese

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    Fage (Greek Yogurt) instead of Cottage Cheese

    For all of you cottage cheese haters out there (still don't understand you...), try "Fage" if you find it. It tastes just like regular yogurt, but has a macro profile similar to cottage cheese

    On that note, anyone know where I can find some on the cheap, i.e. not whole foods?

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    Oh hell yes, the stuff is awesome. Their nonfat yogurt is still creamy as hell, and almost pure protein.

    It's not cheap anywhere that I've found, though. Even at supermarkets it's sometimes more. And online prices are about the same; I think it's honestly just expensive on the wholesale level.
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    Greek yogurt

    Trader Joe's carries Fage yogurt. They also carry a greek yogurt with their label. It is cheaper than Fage and is exactly the same as Fage in comparison

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    Greek yougurt is amazing.I can't find any here in Montreal.I ate it all the time when i was living in Greece.Try it with honey and walnuts to die for!
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