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Thread: What do you think of my cutting routine?

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    What do you think of my cutting routine?

    My goal (obviously) is to lose fat and as little muscle as possible.

    Squats 3x5
    Leg Press 3x10
    Flat Bench Press 4x5
    Flat Flyes 2x6/8 (this just means varying rep range, not doing both)
    Rack Pulls with Shrugs 3x6/8
    BB back rows 2x8
    BB Rear Delt Rows 2x8
    Wrist Curls 2x6 or 2x8

    Calf Raises 3x8/10
    DB Bicep Curls 2x6/8
    Concentration Curls 3x6/8
    CG Bench Press 3x6
    Skullcrushers 2x8/12
    Reverse BB Curls 2x6/8
    SLDL with Shrugs 3x8/10

    Seated Calf Raises 3x12/14
    Leg extensions 3x6/8
    Chins 3x6/8
    Wide Grip Pulldowns 2x6/8
    Bench Press 3x8/10
    Flat Flyes 2x5/6
    Lateral Raises 3x5/6
    Military Press 4x5

    A few points. I still cannot do deadlifts sadly because of my dodgy right hip.
    Also i have tried to keep to the BGB idea of working each muscle twice a week, but I have lowered the volume, and this is mainly the area where I'm looking for opinions - is the volume too low? I usually do 5x5 for bench for example and 5x5 for chins, and I have lowered the number of sets for pretty much all excercises. Is this a good approach?
    About diet (I know its the wrong forum but as I'm here) I will be taking the same amount of protein (175 grams a day, I'm 168 lbs and a good bit of this is fat)) but I will be mostly cutting back on carbs and only a little reduction of fats, is this the right appraoch?
    Forgot to mention, I will be doing 25 mins of light cardio mondays, wednesdays and fridays.
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