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Thread: Get Built, Issue 8 by MariAnne Anderson - April 1st 2007

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    Get Built, Issue 8 by MariAnne Anderson - April 1st 2007

    In this edition The Iron Geek explains what you can do once you've reached your goal, raw eggs and protein shakes and the advantages to alternating push and pull exercises in a workout!



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    Does this news about alternating push/pull mean that we can expect a re-write of the WBB1 routine?
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    It isn't brand new, cutting edge news about alternating push/pull. I know Dr. Zatsiorsky talks about it in his book Science and Practice of Strength Training.

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    Chub, thanks for mentioning this. Indeed, there are very few truly novel approaches in strength training. That being said, I find it reassuring to read studies that confirm and build upon earlier assertions.

    I have a hunch we might not see many people training this way because it means taking up two pieces of equipment at once - something that may not be practicable in a busy gym, particularly if the two stations are far from each other.

    I'm finding I use antagonist pairs more and more in my training - it keeps the workout moving along, and I seem to feel less fatigued, particularly while cutting.

    To address Little John's post - it's just one of many tools you can apply to any workout split - one more way to vary your training without doing a major overhaul of your basic programme.

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