The Five Biggest Contradictions in Fitness
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The Five Biggest Contradictions in Fitness

Itís no secret that when people contradict themselves, it has the effect of making the flaws in their actions or statements seem glaringly obvious. But what about when WE ourselves get caught contradicting ourselves by someone else?

By: Nick Tumminello Added: January 6th, 2014
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    info about getting a sound system in your car? any help?

    my dad recently passed on his mazda 6 to me, and while it does have a mediocre bose sound system, i would like to make some changes to it.

    id like to have the following:
    1) be able to have my ipod hook up into the sound system
    2) id like some bass, but im not the kind of person who needs his car rattling from so much bass that people a mile away can hear it. just enough to feel it, nothing overboard.
    3) i like my music pretty loud, but I also want it clear. to get an idea of what "type" of music i would listen to, its along the lines of red hot chilli peppers, although i dont like them just trying to give a genre of sorts
    4) the interior isnt the prettiest thing ever, but I like it as is. does anyone know if i needed to get a new head unit, if there is some way to keep the interior as is, or close enough to? I dont want the whole "middle" (the part that holds all the audio controls + heat controls etc.) ripped out and then just have a rectangular head unit placed in there.
    5) i also dont need anything fancy. no dvd navigation/flashy screens etc. i want just enough to accomplish the above and i would be happy

    ive never owned a car before, so i have never really looked into this. anyone have suggestions for me, or even possibly a good forum i could join to learn more?

    also, what should i do about installation. would taking it to best buy etc. be a bad idea. they overpriced? what should i do to shop around for someone to install? Can I order all the parts myself to get a good deal, and then just give it to a company to have them install it for me?
    how can i make sure i can trust the installer? should i be able to ask for photos of would the end product would look like? what are legit questions to find out if he is legit?

    id like to spend about $500 max, but i can sway a little. any help?
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    Wannabebig New Member HahnB's Avatar
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    To be honest, you're not going to be able to have woofers + the inclosure, good mids and highs, an amp and a new head unit plus installation for 500 bucks. If you want moderate bass, I'd get one 12" woofer. Be specific when you say "decent bass". My definition of decent bass may be very different than yours. Why do you want a new head unit? Factory head units are the best because they don't ever skip-at least mine doesnt.

    I hook my ipod up to my car through the tape deck. Trust me, it works MUCH better than a FM converter which uses the radio. Hooking it up through the tape deck gets you 10x better sound, it's a 10th of the price, and you don't have to fool around with the radio. Built in ipod docks are only available for certain cars, and it varies. You should shop around for anything that you buy, this is no exception. If you want to spend 500, I'd get a woofer in an inclosure plus a small amp, and some new mids and highs. One thing to consider is that hooking up an ipod to a aftermarket sound system is kinda stupid. You're not going to get great sound out of an ipod unless the car has a really expensive built in ipod dock, which as I said before, isn't available for most cars. If you do this, make sure the music you're playing is itunes so you get the best sound quality.
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    Dunno if you can get a headunit in there without changing up the center.

    If you want some decent bass, I'd go with 3-way or 4-way speakers in the front and 2-ways in the back. That's the setup I have in my civic and it gets me some decent base.

    Edit: GOnna have to disagree with Hahn. Some good 2-way (pioneer, alpine, etc) can get you "good" bass and are fairly cheap. As long as your headunit has a good equalizer (which almost all do). You can hear my bass outside of the car, but its not rattling my trunk or anything.
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    Banned Roddy's Avatar
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    i'd keep your factory head unit, get them to add whats called a coil, and then you can run an amp and sub off that factory head unit.

    Personally i'd go with a good quality 10" sub in a sealed box, running off of something like an alpine Bass Engine amp... dont go for too much power, you dont need it unless you wanna go deaf/shake your car apart.

    After that just throw in some decent front and rear speakers.

    My cousin did a $2500 stereo in his civic.... meanwhile i bought a $89 Aiwa deck, some clearout JBL speakers for $29 front $29 rear, Grabbed a Clarion 10" sub for $80 made a sealed box and picked up an Alpine bass engine amp for $110 off ebay...... used top end wiring (thats key) and my stereo equalled his $2500 set-up for sound quality. I hit 131.5db on a sound meter and he hit 136db... very comparable but mine cost $350ish
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    yeah i dont really listen to bass heavy music ie rap etc., i just sort of want a sub that would compliment whatever speakers i buy.
    if i can keep the head unit as is, id be really pleased. i dont want to have to burn cd's everytime i want to listen to music, so hooking up my ipod is pretty essential. and my car doesnt have a tape player :-/
    anyone know if there is a way to hookup an ipod in the back of my reciever? i have used f/m transmitters in the past, they dont offer that great of sound quality.

    im not the kind of person to walk up to a car that has a sound system and ask what subs/amps/tweeters they have and what not. i dont really care. all i really want is my music to be loud and have some decent clarity. its hard to get an idea of what my version of "loud" and "good" is and what not. lets just say i dont sit in my car, listening to country at a moderate level. i like my 'rock n roll' music loud and clear.

    this statment may mean nothing due to the ways it can be interpeted from person to person, but i want an average or above average after-market sound system, nothing "top of the line" if you catch my drift.
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    Team Chesticles! Unholy's Avatar
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    Son if thats what you want just get a self powered Bazooka Tube and one of those Radio adapters for your Ipod. Honestly it sounds ghetto but it will sound 100X better then your factory setup as well as costing you much less then a system. Personally my rig cost me more then my car.
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    If you don't want a lot of bass then something here should satisfy your needs. Feel free to add an amp depending on what speakers you get.
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    My brother and I were brutal. I once chased him around the house with a spoon that I put on the burner. I burned that little pricks leg. -sharkall2003

    Then I saw a little african boy sleeping, and I thought...that is little Okeke. he is tired from herding all the goats and the big goat got away today - Rock

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