Im currently sittin in Iraq. My diet is pretty good, i have no problems taking in protein and carbs, but my meals are pretty basic chicken and rice, fish and rice, turkey and noodles, no sauces added. lean pork cutlets and baked potato. problem here is that is pretty much the extent of my ability to eat. i had a few questions, as far as throwing a meal plan together, should i be worried about monotonous eating? There are days at a time where the healthiest thing they cook are chicken breasts and i have that for 2 or 3 meals a day with a simple carb alongside. I can't get egg whites by themselves here, they won't do it, i can't get peanut butter, the veggies they cook are not great and taste like dust. i stay away from sweets and sugars and fats of course, although i allow myself some ice cream on my down day once a week. my other question is steamed crab, excellent source of protein or no?