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Thread: Bench press advice

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    Quote Originally Posted by left hook View Post
    I got told that having elbows out mirroring the bar on the way down would tear the rotator cuffs to shreds.
    Makes a lot of sense if you try to bring the bar all the way down to your sternum while lifting heavy.

    For those who Bench press with elbows tucked in, how wide is your grip?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Unholy View Post
    I don't know, I benched with some powerlifters yesterday and they had me touching the bar to my sternum. Which is lower then I normally do it.
    When I used to bench elbows-flared, the bar landed higher on my pecs. When I switched to tucked elbows, the bar was landing down under my pecks.
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    Unholy, 45 degrees doesn't put the bar in line w/ the elbows.... (that's how I usually bench though)
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