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Thread: How to approach newly healed Knee

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    How to approach newly healed Knee

    I've been off my knee for a while, and now I think it's ok (at least my doctor does). I still feel pain though whenever I try to squat deeply or clean. I think this may be from being off of it for a long time, I don't know. Any suggestions, or comments about what I should do? Stay off it more, do ________ to build strength in your knee again, just go back to normal the pain will eventually go away, etc. ...?
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    did your doctor suggest a rehab route or a physical therapist? You should start there. What kind of injury did you have? I strongly suggest you discuss this with a sports rehab doctor and have him put you on a routine specific for your deficiencies.

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    I just recovered from surgery and consequently, a year of very little training in my knee. If it has been just knee 'pain' (a common problem) or patellar tendonitis... the beginning exercises are much the same. I started training by doing stairs (not the machine, just a step that you will go up and down repeatedly) and lunges (walking- forwards and backwards, and round-the-clocks). I also did some one-legged squats to parallel using an ab ball for support. Once I no longer felt pain in these I started doing some BW squats (going as low as comfortable) and then added the bar, light weight etc. Using a slow progression. I have just started working around my 5 rep max and I had surgery near the end of November! Obviously the circumstances differ, an din order for anyone to give half-ass advice we need to know more about the condition... so... elaborate!
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