So, I'm 6'0'' and 160 lbs. I started casual lifting about 2 weeks ago. I have a few questions that I would like to be addressed individually if anyone has the time or knowledge I've been wondering about these questions for some time and have made a list so I can put them all in one thread and get some information. Here we go.

- The size and strength between my left arm and right arm is tremendous. My right arm is quite bigger than my left, and I can feel it when I'm lifting weights too. I can literally double the reps with my right arm and it's mentally frusterating because my left arm is so weak. Has anyone experienced this and what did you do to even out the size/strength in both arms?

- Is working out 7 days a week too much? 6 days? 5 days? What is the most time you should spend at the gym without hurting yourself or overworking yourself?

- I am 6'0'' and 160 lbs...obviously that is pretty skinny. I've heard a few people tell me to pack on fat (eat fattening foods, more specifically fast food) to gain weight quicker. My workout buddy has told me to eat as LITTLE fat as possible. I'm going for a cut look, but I also want to put on some weight as quick as possible. Fat or no fat?

-Abs excercises? I am trying to put on a 6 pack, but the only workouts I know for abs are sit ups and pushdowns (Where someone pushes your legs toward the ground and you try not to let your feet touch the ground) Are there any ab excercises that wil produce more and quicker results than these?

- I hate eating vegetables. I know they are a huge need and necessity in your diet, but I really hate eating them. I do however like the V8 juice that they sell in stores. Each bottle of juice is supposedly "3 servings of vegetables". Could I get by on drinking a bottle of V8 a day and not have to worry about eating those nasty things?

Thanks for help ahead of time, I look forward to hearing some answers.